Policy COVID-19

Updated informations on delivery times, safety returns and frequently asked questions

What we are experiencing is a very difficult and uncertain moment and we think it is our duty to give our best to offer you the best service possible and make you have a pleasant experience. Even if life out there is really tough, we want you to feel great at home.

Our activities continue regularly, with some restrictions due to this emergency. For this reason, delivery times could be longer than normal.

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1. Can I place an order? Will I receive my package?

Yes, we are continuing to ship all orders that arrive to us regularly. As soon as the payment is sent, you will receive an order confirmation email and, once it is sent, a second email with the GLS tracking number. You can follow the movements of your package on https://www.gls-italy.com/ and, if you notice something strange, you can contact us in chat or at the email address info@zagocosmetics.com.

2. Could delivery times be longer than usual?

With the spread of COVID-19, we have had to take safety measures for our employees and, at the same time, couriers are giving priority to the delivery of basic necessities such as food and personal protective equipment. For these reasons, delivery times longer than usual.

3. Can I return a product?

Yes, you can continue making returns. To make a return, you can contact us in chat or at the email address info@zagocosmetics.com. You can find out more about our updated return policies here.

4. Is it safe to receive a package from an area where there are cases of COVID-19?

Yes. WHO has stated that the probability of an infected person contaminating the goods is low and that the risk of contracting the new virus from a package that has been moved, transported and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low. You can find all the updated information on COVID-19 on the information page of the Italian Ministry of Health and on the WHO website.

5. Is it possible to reduce the contact with the courier when delivering my package?

Yes. We have asked couriers to minimize contact with customers, for example by leaving parcels near the door and moving away to maintain a safe distance. If a verification of your identity is necessary, the courier will do it remotely. If you can't answer the door, you can also choose a safe place where the courier can leave your package. In addition, to better protect you, we have temporarily disabled the "Payment on delivery" option as a payment preference.

6. What steps have you taken to protect customers and employees?

Since the early days of this pandemic, we have been working to proactively deal with this emergency, continuing to guarantee our customer service and at the same time preserving the health and safety of all our employees. We have made protective devices, such as masks and disinfectant gel, available to our employees and collaborators, and we are regularly checking the temperatures of our staff. We also gave our employees the opportunity, when possible, to opt for smart working.

Assistance and Customer Service

Receive assistance in chat or email info@zagomilano.com on your order, return, account or other.